Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jetta Dragons paddle forth in 2014

The Killarney Dragon Boat Racing Club (KDBRC) is ecstatic to announce that Clarkdale Motors, Vancouver's pre-eminent Volkswagen dealer, has signed on for another year of sponsorship. Once again we will be racing as the Clarkdale Jetta Dragons at this tear's Rio Tinto Alcan Festival and all preceding races. Thank you Clarkdale for investing in the youth of our community and thank you for your continuing faith in the KDBRC!

The Jetta Dragons will begin their practice season on the last Tuesday of February and will practice every week until the Dragon Boat Festival in June. Come out to watch us practice and be sure to cheer us on at the Junior Regatta and the Dragon Zone 500 regatta too.

Paddles up!

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