Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bronze Medal at Rio Tinto Alcan

Another fine finish at the 2010 Rio Tinto Alcan International Dragon Boat Festival for the Killarney paddlers. A few ups and downs on the way to the final showed what a fine team the Cougar Dragons are--a team strong in passion and poise, focused and dedicated to the greatest of water sports. The KDBRC finished third in the "C" division final of the youth paddlers earning a well deserved Bronze medal. Congratulations to: Aaron Huang; Aaron Lee; Alan Zheng; Annie Lee; Becky Zhang; Blessi Urbi; Bradley Wong; Calvin Leung; Daniel Wong; David Lo; Eddie Tran; Hogan Wong ; Jacqueline Chiu; Jason Omagari; Joanne Kwan; Justin Wong; Katherine Dela Cruz; Kris Ho; Linda Chen; Michelle Ho; Peter Kim; Samantha Wong; Toni Chen; Victor Kwan; and William Hu